Kitchens are no longer just a place to prepare your next meal. They’ve become much more than the perspectives of years gone by. The newer trend is for the kitchen to be more of a social area that complements the relaxed atmosphere of the home. While it is obviously a place for cooking, it is also a place that combines eating, relaxing, and cooking.

How you design your kitchen is also vitally important. You want to figure out which are the fittings and products that are appropriate to your taste and needs. All of these are to be arranged so that you can easily and safely work while it provides the best look for your home. Style and functionality must come together seamlessly for your kitchen to become that important part of your living space.

Choosing the Design for your style

You’ll have several styles to choose from but since so many choices can be confusing, we’ve narrowed them down to five of the most functional ones. Even with your choice, you’ll be able to make some changes that allow for your personal taste and your purposes.

But of course, there is no such thing as a right or wrong selection. It is truly a personal experience that defines your individuality and who you really are.

The Classic Kitchen

This style is also termed as the traditional kitchen. The popularity of this style continues to hold strong. Although many alternatives have come up through the years, this classic style seems to never die out. It continues to be an all-time favorite.

These kitchens feature crown moldings, archways, corbels and wainscoting for added style for your choice of cabinets and countertops. Although the traditional method was to use natural wood, the look continued with the natural wood finish even when the cabinets were no longer the natural wood. But now, white and other colors have been incorporated into this classic style.

Traditional Kitchen - Previous Rohrer for Construction Remodel

Traditional Kitchen – Previous Rohrer for Construction Remodel

The Contemporary Kitchen

This category is directly contrary to the Classic style designs. The primary feature is the fresh, minimalistic lines. These straight lines fit well with the minimalistic perspectives of modern living. This simplistic linear design also allows the materials and textures to be clearly projected.

The features of this contemporary or modern design are focused on the plain look with clear contrasting colors on the handles. The idea is to present a simple, sheen look with small items of high contrast.

The Craftsman Kitchen

Rich woods and the natural designs are the ultimate keys to the Craftsman kitchen. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach that you’ll find wherever you look, the Craftsman kitchen provides for individuality and a personal touch. The natural feel of the cabinets and your customization gives it an entirely personal look.

The Farmhouse Kitchen

Using a spacious approach and all natural lighting, the Farmhouse kitchen will light up your home. The warmth of the soft neutrals coupled with large sinks and wide islands make for a spacious, inviting place. It’s comfortable living at its best with the Farmhouse kitchen. It’s somewhat of a country flair, much like the Traditional kitchen.

The cabinet styles are elaborate and broad. The colors are soft and conducive to natural light without too much brightness. Sometimes the traditional look can be seen with large shaded light fixtures. The glass door cabinets are an extra added feature.

The Rustic Kitchen

Your entire home will enjoy the benefits of your personality with the Rustic style. But for the kitchen, the colors get darker, cabinets are vintage, and the metals are brushed. All of these with distressed detailing to the furniture makes for a cozy kitchen.

The Rustic kitchen is a charm with exposed wood ceilings. The countertops follow the same theme and makes for the feel you desire in your kitchen. Anyone who walks into your home will experience that charm.

As the perspectives change, some features and tastes remain. Each of the kitchens described above will bring out your unique personality and allow for a greater sense of socializing. More than just a food preparation area, you will have the fullest potential of charm for your family as well as your guests.

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