Painting for Change

It’s time to paint the interior of your home. The first consideration is to determine the color or colors you want in each room. Colors can impact your mood in amazing ways. Some people feel calm and relaxed in a room with a blue tone. Yellow colored rooms make people feel anxious. It’s been the understanding of interior designers and artists that colors can alter the moods, feelings, and emotions of people in a significant way. It was the great artist Pablo Picasso who once said that “colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” 

So what do colors communicate? It’s a powerful tool that can inspire action, influence moods, impact physiological reactions and other factors as well. The impact of colors on the body also continues to inspire many people as they choose colors for their home. Some colors have been connected with increasing blood pressure, metabolism changes, and of course, eyestrain. 

How to choose Colors

2020 Benjamin Moore color trends for home renovation and bathroom renovation.

Image Source: JC Licht Benjamin Moore Paint

For those about to sell their home, it’s best to select white for the walls. This allows your buyer the flexibility to choose their own colors whenever they set out to paint and design the home for their own use. Otherwise, it will be more work for them to get the colors to switch from darker to lighter. But for you, it will give your home a nice clean and bright look. 

Your choice of colors depends on the mood you’d like to create in that particular room or for your entire home. The rule of thumb is that staying with the same color shade (like greens), will create a subtle and soothing environment. When applying cool colors like blues, greens, and purples, it will create a look of the room being larger and airier. But colors like reds, yellows, and oranges will make a room more vibrant. The warmth of the room can be varied with red or yellow by selecting more subtle shades of these colors like pink, or a buttery yellow. The concept is that warm colors have cool colors as their complements and cool colors are complemented by colors of warmth. 

The subtle and soothing look

By staying within the same shade of colors you can select a monochromatic approach. For this, you choose a variety of shades of blue as the subtle color that gives a soothing effect. This can even look good for a bathroom or bedroom if it’s the feeling of calmness you want. To get this effect, use a darker color on the wall and a different one of the same scheme of colors but a different shade and a lighter color for the trim. Additionally, you can choose curtains, towels, and bedding with varying shades within the same scheme. These colors can be layered by choosing a lighter green for the basecoat and move on to a faux paint with a darker green overlay. 

You can opt for that romantic feeling and tranquility with restfulness as you choose blues, lavenders, pinks, and soft yellows. For those who want a calm ambiance in your bedroom, choose lighter color shades or warm colors. The bedding and accessories can be more appealing by choosing different textures. It was an old idea to have one shade and one texture. But you’ll enjoy the effect that different textures and colors provide. 

The elegant Look

A color palette of beige and white paint colors for home renovation.If you’re looking for elegance and flexibility for your rooms, neutral colors are the way to go. Neutral doesn’t have to be white or beige. You now have more choices. If your living room is simple looking, you can turn it into an elegant one with varying shades of neutrals such as almond walls with red toned brown colors on your trim. Bring in some variety with a color throw, pillow, and even vases that are strategically located to offset the subtle neutral colors. 

Be sure to try out textures to your accessories. You’ll have more flexibility with neutral colors to change the feel of the room. Just simply add different colored accessories. You can even get this effect by changing the color of the trim. But remember, the lighter the color you paint, the greater the look of spaciousness. You get that big room look. 

The Vibrant Look

Pick out vibrant colors if you want a room with pizzazz. With that color of your choice, add their respective shades: Oranges and gold, reds and dark purples, and other appropriate shades. Be sure to provide complements to these colors by selecting alternatives such as gold and orange and another one from the opposite spectrum of the color wheel, maybe with purple. You can present something reminiscent of an Oriental look by using black and red, which is a real stand out combination. When you choose two colors next to one another on the color wheel, it provides a visual contrast since they both will stand out from one another. 

Create Focal Points

No more dull looking rooms. Create a focal point. You will immediately change the look of the room by adding colors that provide contrast to the walls and trim. Or you can just add a darker color to one wall in the room, and leave all the others lighter. A large room can look much smaller by giving a darker shade to one wall. 

You can get the opposite effect and expand the room by painting with a darker color and giving the trim a lighter shade, all within the same color scheme. This simple alteration will cause the room to pop out visually and make it more appealing. If the room has molding halfway between the ceiling and floor, you can try two different shades of the same color, providing a nice contrast. Find other interesting aspects of the room and highlight it with a darker, complementary shade of the color of your walls. If there is a stairway that stands out somewhat in the middle of the room, it will look fabulous when painted with a darker tone than the walls, and this will also provide a nice focal point. 

A bedroom with green walls and a yellow floral comforter.

Image Source: Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Your Take-away

There is no need to spend lots of money and hire an interior designer to completely revamp the look of your house. Use your imagination and with a little paint, you will completely change the look and feel of each room. Look for highlights and special areas of your rooms and look for ways to highlight them to make them stand out. Then, imagine the feeling you want from each room. Do you want a romantic and calm feel? Then select a light and warm or cool shade. You may want the room to feel homey and comfortable. Then opt for buttery yellows like you might have in your kitchen. Maybe you desire a feeling of calmness and balance. Look for green shades that are light or moss or sage colored. How about an energized feel to present your personality as vibrant? Then be sure to select vibrant shades. If you’re looking for elegance and serenity, select neutral shades or cool light greens. You are in control of the mood and feel of your home. You and a little imagination will do wonders.

        Description: A bathroom with two sinks and a mirror undergoing a bathroom renovation.

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