If you are looking for Illinois basement remodel services, you are at the right place as there are dedicated and reliable experts ready to help you get value for your money. A basement renovation is essential to adding additional liveable space with a growing family or personal needs. Here are six renovations ideas to help finish your basement and add more value to your home.

Dry the Place First

First things first, if the basement is wet or damp fix this, the good thing about this problem is that it can be fixed through grading the soil in order to slope away from the foundation or repairing gutters and downspouts. These methods should be used alongside with the use of a humidifier and fans. If any of these tips fail to work take more extreme measures such as adding an exterior drain tile or an interior drain tile which empties to a pumping basket. This process may be time-consuming and money gobbling but it is a very critical thing if you are to get rid of mold and having the basement finishing ruined.

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Take the Appropriate Measurements

Before embarking on the basement remodel, you need to know how much space needs to be fixed and what you will be working with. This is an important aspect especially when talking about height; you do not want to finish your work and then find out that people have to bend to fit in the room. This can be very discouraging, so to avoid disappointment, take the appropriate measurement. Here you need to consult the building codes, the clearly specify the requirement to make the basement habitable and comfortable. For starters, the basement height needs to be at least seven feet tall and sometimes this may be higher, all this is done to ensure that occupant does not struggle to access it and also there is enough air circulating in the room. To get it right, you need to consult Lake County basement remodeling experts. they will be in a position to give you the right details.

Carry out an Inspection

You need to inspect the plumbing and wiring in an event that they need to be fixed or added. Check what is already in place and see the upgrades and expansions which may be required. It is important to note that a permit will be required for this activity. If you reside in Lake County it may be beneficial to check with your local town or county ran permit department.

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Fix the Rim Joists

You do not want your energy bills to shoot over the roof, you can prevent this through insulating the rim joists. You can use rigid insulation or thick extruded polystyrene if you are not sure to get an expert to advise you on what the local codes prescribe.

Installation of Proper Egress Windows

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Egress windows are important in a basement, for they allow enough light in and also people can easily escape in an event of an emergency. This is a crucial component that should be carefully planned and avide by Lake County IRC Egress Code or in your local area code requirements. It is also important to look into energy-efficient windows, this will save you money if you plan on residing in your current home for years to come. Expand the existing window and also renovate the foundation in order to give them a room.

Design a Proper HVAC System


You need a good HVAC system, so hire an expert to design one for you, this is one piece of work that you should not do alone no matter what the budget, get a professional to design the ductwork and you will have an efficient and reliable system.

Flooring, lighting and a fireplace need to be done by a contractor who has the skills and experience, doing it any other way may give undesired effects which will lead to disappointments. Follow us for more tips on how to get a perfect basement to remodel.

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