Full Home Remodel

Grayslake, Illinois

The Approach

In the picturesque town of Grayslake, Illinois, we embarked on an extraordinary project for a homeowner who resided in Texas but sought to remodel their home in Grayslake to prepare it for the real estate market. Despite the physical distance, we collaborated remotely with the client to ensure a seamless and timely renovation process.

To breathe new life into the home, we embarked on a comprehensive remodeling endeavor. The outdated upstairs carpeting was removed and replaced, while the entire home received a fresh coat of paint, rejuvenating its appearance. Various trimwork was meticulously replaced to enhance the overall aesthetic.

On the first floor, the wooden flooring underwent a meticulous process of sanding and restaining, restoring its natural beauty. The stairway’s railing, previously adorned with a dated oak stain, underwent a transformation. Through meticulous priming, patching, and painting, the railing was given a modern and updated look that harmonized with the rest of the house.

The basement was revitalized with the addition of a new drop ceiling, while lally column posts were expertly wrapped in drywall and finished, providing a polished and finished appearance. In the kitchen, the homeowner opted to retain the solid wood cabinets, albeit with a desire for a contemporary update. Collaborating with the realtor, we devised a color scheme and selected a tasteful tiled backsplash. The choice fell upon a modern and minimalist white subway tile, which beautifully complemented the existing cabinets. For a final touch of elegance, the upper cabinets were painted in an elegant white shade, while the lower cabinets received a subtle blue-gray tone. To truly elevate the kitchen’s transformation, we installed a luxurious quartz countertop with rich veining, adding sophistication and allure.

Throughout the home, several windows were replaced, enhancing both functionality and energy efficiency. In the bathroom, the homeowner and realtor aimed for a simple yet modern design. White subway tiles adorned the shower and bathtub walls, while the newly trending black hexagon tile was chosen for the floor, adding a touch of contemporary flair.

To create a universally appealing interior, we painted the entire house in a subtle neutral light brown/tan shade. This versatile color palette caters to a wide range of potential buyers, maximizing the home’s market appeal.

Despite the geographical distance, our meticulous attention to detail and collaborative approach ensured that this Grayslake home transformation was a success. The result was a refreshed and modernized space, primed for the real estate market and ready to captivate prospective buyers.

Value Behind Homeowners’ Decisions

As a homeowner in Texas, I decided to work with Rohrer for Construction for our Grayslake home remodel in Illinois. Adolph Rohrer, my project manager, played a crucial role in making this virtual renovation a success. Here’s why I chose them:

Firstly, Adolph’s expertise and experience were invaluable. He managed every aspect of the project with meticulous attention to detail. Despite being physically distant, we felt confident that Adolph’s leadership would ensure a smooth process and outstanding results.

Having Adolph as our point of contact provided us with valuable guidance throughout the project. His knowledge of construction materials and design options helped us make informed decisions that aligned with our vision.

Communication was essential, and Adolph excelled at keeping me in the loop. Whether through video calls or regular updates, I felt connected and involved in the decision-making process. Adolph’s prompt responses and clear communication kept any concerns at bay.

One significant advantage of working with Rohrer for Construction was their familiarity with local building codes and regulations. Adolph’s understanding of these requirements ensured compliance and a hassle-free permit process. We appreciated not having to worry about navigating these complexities ourselves.

In summary, choosing Rohrer for Construction was a decision we were happy with. Their expertise, guidance, and effective communication made the distance between Texas and Illinois feel insignificant. I was thrilled with the final results of my Grayslake home remodel, thanks to Rohrer for Construction’s dedication and professionalism.