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master bathroom remodel with hanging vanity  soaking bathtub quartz countertop and two large mirrors

Bathroom Remodeling

Master Bathroom

Commonly located within or near the master bedroom, the master bathroom is an extension of the master bedroom. Some prefer to mirror the design of the master bedroom. As an extension of the master bedroom, you may want it to be suited for the usage of two people. Sometimes, two people may be using it simultaneously, and surely you’ll want to have storage of accessories, linens, and other toiletries for both individuals. 

Master bathrooms often feature a long counter with a double sink for simultaneous usage by two people. Space should be available on the countertop for grooming accessories during usage and nearby storage that is at easy reach. Depending on the availability of size, you can have a private toilet area and possibly a separate bath and shower which can be used simultaneously when required. 


Bathroom Remodeling Services

can light installation in a master bathroom in lake county illinois

Guest Bathroom

Although the guest bathroom is usually smaller in size than others, it doesn’t have to be inferior. After all, this is part of you serving your guests. You want the guest bath to reflect the style and the level of hospitality you offer to the people who visit your home. 

There is a misconception that since this is a smaller size bathroom, the cost should be equally less and even much quicker to finish when it comes to a bathroom renovation. Although the size is smaller, we need to understand that most of the same components are part of this smaller bathroom as well. It is surprising for many that the smaller bathroom is only a bit quicker to remodel and a bit less expensive than the others. This bath also requires the same quality professionals to do the work. 

Make sure to sketch out a plan for this remodel just as you would for a house. In actuality, the smaller space demands even more planning than for a larger bathroom The placement of the toilet, bath or shower, and the sink, all needs to be carefully outlined. Don’t take anything for granted. Check various designs as you don’t want to regret a particular design after the work is done. When planning your bathroom remodeling project it is advised to take it slow and collect the key factures that you and your family need to have in a bathroom. 

Custom Bathroom

Maybe your bathroom looks tired and worn out. The style and fixtures seem to be from a past age and time that you don’t want to reflect on. It’s also possible that you bought the home where you loved everything else about the design except the bathroom. Easily, your bathroom renovation can be made to your custom taste and design. As a general contractor, we carefully design that perfect bathroom that will suit your family's needs.

Build in a fresh look with a modern update. Add more storage space for your growing family. Put in extra safety features for your children, Install a larger counter with dual sinks for the kids. You may even want to add a shower alongside your tub for flexibility. How about a larger window to bring in more light? Whatever features you might want to add, you will have that freedom with a custom bath suited to meet your requirements.

Handicap Accessible Bathroom

The number of wheelchair users continues to increase in the United States, and the current numbers stand at about 30 million. As the ageing population in our nation increases, these numbers continue to rise. Those with age related challenges are seeking for ways to perform independently as they live in their homes. 

The bathroom has the potential to be a dangerous place for everyone in the home, especially those who are physically challenged. Accessibility is the primary concern for those who use wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. It is vital that enough space is allotted for free and easy movement from the sink to the toilet, or from the toilet to the bathtub, shower or other areas in the bathroom. For better wheelchair accessibility, the sink must not have a cabinet beneath it. Each of these accessibility considerations are much beyond the view of most people who do not deal with a handicap issue. One has to think from the perspective of those who face such challenges. 

Safety is another vital concern. The records show that more than ⅔ of emergency visits to the hospitals are because of falls in the bathroom. For young adults, the tub and shower are the most susceptible places. But for the elderly, the area near the toilet seems to be more dangerous. Wet floors, lack of space, bending and lifting requirements are among the causes of injury. Proper installation of a sufficient number of grab bars, gives a sense of security throughout the bathroom area. Non slip floors, anti-scalding mixing valves, and other items that enhance safety are a must.

Bathroom Tile and Plumbing Installation

Ceramic tile installation with showing plumbing fixtures install

Floor & Wall Tiling

The look of your floor and wall tiles will impact your entire bathroom. You also may not know that there are many types of tiles available. The most common are ceramic and porcelain tiles. But the list expands even further to glass, cement, metal, stone, and many more. It is easy to get overwhelmed as you consider all the options available to you. But as you sit for your remodel consultation and share your needs, you will be guided to the best option for you. Of course, you can’t forget your budget. If you’re thinking of an entire bathroom overhaul (which is the best approach), you may be stretching your budget as well. 

When you’re looking for durability, ceramic is the way to go. If you’re looking for easier upkeep, you want to opt for porcelain tiles. Porcelain also emulates a natural stone, brick or wood look. If you want stain resistant tiles, Glass tiles might be your choice. But the drawback is the possibility to chip at the edges. Cement tiles have been used since the 19th century, and there has been some comeback in the recent years. There are some great benefits to cement tiles but maintenance becomes a major concern.

Shower, Toilet & Sink Plumbing and Fixtures

It seems that plumbing fixtures are the celebrity figures in a bathroom. You can select fancy and trendy items that will add a special touch to your bathroom if your budget allows you. Otherwise, you can choose functional value-engineered products that will accomplish your purpose. 

With a shower fixture, you don’t have to be limited to the traditional styles. Be innovative and select something that will massage your body with body sprayers. Rain shower heads are an excellent item to give you that feel of bathing in the rain. Dual fixtures allow more than one person to shower at the same time. Remember that your choices are more vast than ever before, so let your imagination move you. 

Toilets with a higher setting seem to be more comfortable for most homeowners. The full lineup of available toilets may make it difficult for you to choose, but you still need to consider your bathroom renovation budget. But the decision needs to be made between function and budget. The higher cost items are more difficult to produce where more detail is involved in the design. 

Some prefer a special look for their sinks with the vessel sink. But for a full bathroom or a master bathroom, the deep, undermount sink with a good arching faucet with a single handle seems to be the best option. But you have to consider what is more important to you -- the look or the usage. That’s your choice. 

Tower Fixtures

When you want a totally different shower experience, you may want to opt for the tower fixture. In this system, the shower head, hand shower, body jest and all the controls are fitted into one tall, full sized column. The panel houses the pipes and fixtures to make this fully functional. These fixtures are all hidden under this panel and you get a neat looking finish to the product. Many of these products also come with an anti-scalding technology to make sure you get a safe shower. All of this for an amazing time in the shower. 

Maple wood custom kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling

The Reason Why Kitchen Remodeling Is Important For Your Family

Kitchens are much more than what they used to be in the past. Now, they are more than a place to cook your meals. They are a place of connection, interaction, fun, and entertainment, all in the process of cooking, heating up food, and eating. When looking into kitchen remodeling it is often a fun process in which you get to tailor the kitchen design around your family's needs.  For many families, the kitchen has become like a den, a place for people to hang out and enjoy the company of others in the family and even friends.

For some, the kitchen is still only a place to cook food. Others use it only to heat up food, make coffee, or other types of light cooking. Some consider cooking as their hobby and will have an extensive variety of cooking utensils, equipment, and ingredients for a vast array of culinary delights. There are still some who are very traditional and like their kitchens “hidden” from the view of the living room. In this setup, the cooking is often done by one person, and when it is completed, the rest of the family is called into the dining room for the meal. Such traditions still do exist.


Whatever your purpose and practice are, your kitchen needs to reflect that. Below are a few factors to keep in mind as you set out to remodel your kitchen to match your usage and style.


Kitchen Remodel Services

Kitchen Faucet and wolf double range oven

Custom Kitchens

The best way to have your kitchen remodeled is to have it custom designed and built. In this way, you can have it designed according to your needs. With the changing trends in our society, kitchens have become more than a place to cook your meals. They serve a multi purpose now and you may want to remodel according to your current needs. 

The process is not complex nor is it a mystery. After sitting with family members to determine the needs of each person, make a list of ideas. Along with these ideas and some samples from the internet, meet with a kitchen remodeling specialist who can guide you through the process. Although the expense will be a bit higher than just choosing a pre-modeled kitchen, you will have a kitchen custom built according to the needs of your family. Some custom features for your kitchen design you can add to your newly renovated kitchen are custom kitchen cabinets and even a standalone guest bar.

Custom Cabinetry

The beauty of custom cabinetry is that it begins with rough lumber to create your kitchen according to your taste. A variety of wood can be used for kitchen cabinets, including the most popular such as maple, cherry, and oak. The beauty of nature comes right into your home with fresh lumber, right from the forest. 

The build is set to your space and to your style. Your kitchen should reflect your home and the preference of your family. The height and width of the cabinets will properly coincide with the size of your kitchen space giving you a properly arranged placement. Each piece is made to order, according to your specifications.

You will love the finish of your cabinets for a long time to come. According to your choice, we’ll use paint, lacquer, stain, tint, and finish your cabinets. There is a wide set of options for color and texture as well. Everything will be custom designed for you.

Small Kitchen Remodeling

When your space is limited, your kitchen design can be a challenge. But it shouldn’t be impossible. Sure, you can’t have all the options that a large kitchen can offer, but you can have a comfortable kitchen that meets your needs within the context of your small space. It can be done. 

Usually, the common purpose of the small kitchen is for meal prep, which makes function, the main theme here. Be sure that your appliances and work areas are given priority. Due to the minimal size, you’ll need to select appliances according to your space as well. You can still have most of the functions you perform with a large kitchen, but all in a scaled down version. 

Large Kitchen Remodeling

Although with higher costs, large kitchen remodeling can be fun and invigorating. You will have more freedom to choose your appliances without limitations of space. You won’t have to cram things into small spaces. You can be completely intentional and focused as you plan your large kitchen. 

You also get the complete freedom to use the kitchen as your family desires. It can turn into a family room of sorts where kids do their homework, crafts, and other fun things as a family. Entertainment is also a vital part of the kitchen these days with screens, and a variety of devices. All the while the prep work and cooking goes on in the kitchen. 

Traditional Kitchen Remodeling

Attention to detail and embellishments add character with charm when you design a traditional kitchen. You can still have all the storage you need plus the functions you want to perform in your kitchen. It takes extra effort to create detail that is eye-catching and magnificent. These are all part of a traditional kitchen

Your style may be Coastal, Old World or even Mediterranean, but all traditional kitchens share some of the same basic aspects. Choose your own mix of kitchen cabinets colors, finishes, along with the appropriate counter depths for a custom, furniture-style look that’s appealing in a traditional kitchen design. 

finished basement with vinyl plank flooring and gray walls

Basement Remodel

Design and Planning

The basement can be the place that will give you more freedom in choosing what you want to do with your remodel. You can be free to express yourself. Begin the basement remodel and planning by asking what you want to use the space for. If you're only thinking of a media room, then just a powder room is needed. But if you consider the option of a guest room along with a media space, then you want a full bath and maybe even a small kitchen. 

It’s common for people to design a dual purpose space. Some combine a media room with a guest room. Others prefer a fitness area and an office space. The laundry room can be closed off so the rest of the basement is free for entertaining family or friends. Others leave the laundry room open and connected to the media room for flexibility. 

Be creative and practical as well. Many prefer a single or a dual purpose design to specifically fit their needs. But there are still those who want a multi purpose basement and want it flexible for almost anything. If you have sufficient space, you can do that. Make sure you meet as a family to determine what direction you want to go with this so the designing and planning can be done appropriately.


Basement Remodel Services

finished basement with vinyl plank flooring and wood columns

Custom Carpentry

Custom carpentry in the basement delivers you a high standard of workmanship. The prefabricated option is less costly and quicker to install. But many prefer the quality over speed and a cheap price. They look at their basement remodel as an investment into the expression of their style as well as an increase in the resale value of their home. 

There are some clear advantages for those who choose custom carpentry for their basement remodel. The work will be unique to your home. It will surely be one of a kind. No one walks into your home and says, “I’ve seen this design before” in another person’s home. The design is perfectly matched to your style and preferences. Durability is another advantage that pre-made carpentry can’t deliver. Quality materials and skilled workmanship means your custom carpentry will be a long lasting investment reflecting your particular style. 

Craftsmanship is the specialty of the skilled human hand over advanced technology for woodworking. The benefits are valuable for those who appreciate the unique look of skillfully crafted products. The high level of precision and attention to detail that comes only from the skilled work of a carpenter. You will end up with the home of your dreams and the living space that’s unique and just for you

Flooring Installation

Adding new flooring will spruce up your basement unlike anything else. It adds a good vibe and will make your entire basement feel fresh. The options are many but you need to make a careful selection.


Laminate flooring is a great option for any room, but they’re slippery when wet. So avoid them in bathrooms and laundry areas. If your current flooring is flat and in good condition, the laminate can be installed above that floor. This is a fairly inexpensive option if you’re budget conscious. 

Solid hardwood floors are great if you have a clean and dry wood sub floor. The look of hardwood floors will add a nice classy look to your basement. If your basement floor is below grade, you may want to avoid this option, unless you’re willing to invest in the extra effort and cost necessary to make this work. 

Engineered wood flooring can be a great option for the basement remodel. These planks have laminate construction and are not impacted by changes in humidity. This can be used in basements without much problems but you’ll want to avoid bathrooms and laundry rooms as well. 

Ceramic tiles can be installed in any room. It will add beauty to your basement, and it’s waterproof. But the drawback is that it can be cold and hard. You have to see what you value most in your basement remodel. Otherwise, you can install this only for your bathroom and laundry area. 

Drywall Installation

The basement remodel comes with some challenges that you have to deal with. Often, the entire basement is surrounded by soil around the concrete walls. Moisture can leak through the cracks and even enter right through the concrete. This makes for damp conditions throughout the basement. But your walls get the brunt of the moisture, which in turn will affect the drywall you install. 

The way to combat this is to build new walls within the concrete walls. Moisture-resistant and rot-resistant building materials must be used in the basement. This is not only a good idea, but in most places, the building codes will require this. Treated wood for the walls, moisture and mildew-resistant drywall, rigid foam board insulation to combat the cold weather, and other moisture and mildew resistant materials are a must for the basement remodel. 

Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, and Entertainment Room Services

wood bookcase entertainment unit with cabinets

Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Installation

Since you will be spending a significant amount of time in the basement for various purposes, you’ll want to install plumbing for the bathroom or the wet bar with a sink. This needs much thought because toilets and sinks in the basement require a lower placement than pipes carrying water and waste from your home. Your contractor will have the skill and knowledge to handle such challenges. 

For the wiring, it is best to use conduit pipes that will carry the wiring to all your outlets. For your entertainment systems and other equipment, you’ll need separate pipes for speakers and ethernet cables. 

While you’re doing your basement remodel, this is the best time to have a good look at your HVAC system. Commonly for high-efficiency furnaces and boilers, you’ll need to bring outside air using an air vent. Check with your remodel specialists to see if you require a fresh air intake. 

This is also the best time to see if you require any upgrades to systemes like furnaces, boilers, water tanks and even the water filtration and softeners. You may even want to switch to a more efficient furnace or boiler if it does not run well. Sometimes, these will emit fumes or create other problems when they are old. Water heaters that are over 10 years of age need to be replaced as well. During your basement remodel, these are all important factors to consider as you begin to rework the entire system underneath.

Movie Theaters

For many homeowners, a big, multipurpose media area or “movie theatre” is a favorite place in the home. Here are some factors to consider as you transform your basement into such a space. Otherwise, you may regret what you have created. 

Avoid placing viewing screens near windows. High ceilings are not a must since everyone is seated while you are using this space. Some prefer a theater-like platform seating for better visibility. 

Consult with a home theater expert for speaker placement before you complete your design. Make sure to insulate the walls and ceiling for sound so you don’t disturb others upstairs. These are some tips to consider as you build your basement into your very own home movie theater. 

Bar and Entertainment Rooms

A great way to get together with friends and family is with your own bar and entertainment room in your home. The expense is about the same as you would install a kitchen, but without all the appliances. Since the sky's the limit when it comes to installing a fabulous bar in your basement, determine your budget first. After your budget is determined, list all the features that are a must and the ones that are optional. What can you live without? 

If a complete bar is not required, you can opt for the less costly alternatives. Place a horizontal bank of cabinets that will work as your buffet and put in a fridge. The cabinets can be worked in according to your budget and your needs for storage of items. Your basement remodel experts will make suggestions as you inform them of your ideas for the bar and entertainment room. 

four seasons room with windows on a sunny day

Exterior Remodeling

The importance of an exterior remodel

Your home is an expression of who you are as an individual and family. Your first impression is the outside of your home and it needs to reflect who you are. For this reason, your property’s exterior is one of the most important parts of the house. 

Of course your guests, neighbors, and even potential home buyers need to get a good impression of you, but what about yourself? How your home looks will have an impact on your self concept as well. If your house is a mess and from the outside in, everything seems to be falling apart, your self concept will become like that. But if your house is presentable and in good shape, you will have a better image of yourself as well. That self image will impact every area of your life from your family life to your work or business. 


Exterior Remodeling Services

three seasons room with 5 windows and outside patio furniture

Front Entry

When guests visit your home, the front entry is the first item they will set their eyes on. The image you give them is surely the image they will have of you. That image begins with your front entry. There are a variety of ways to improve the look of your front entry. But you need to keep in mind that it must match with the look of your entire home. Otherwise, your front entry may look good, but it will stick out like a sore thumb. So you need to make your front entry look great but still match with the look of your entire house. Otherwise, if your budget allows, you can change the look of your entire house along with remodeling your front entry. 

Porches, decks, and enclosed decks

The front entry to your house is the place where you welcome your guests. It’s a great idea to have a porch that protects your guests from the weather as they wait for you to open the door. This is the place where you may linger and have an extended conversation with them as they are leaving as well. Your porch can be simple or elaborate according to your wish. It’s part of the exterior of your home, but it is part of the structure, often covered with an extension of your roof. 

The deck is used primarily for leisure and relaxation. They’ve commonly been open structures, but more recently, people have begun to cover them up to protect against the weather. Even enclosed decks are becoming popular to protect against bugs. The deck is used for a variety of functions ranging from a fun barbeque party with friends to a quiet reading spot. Some connect it with a pool or spa and may even contain an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit. 

Screened Rooms

Spring is here and Summer is on the way. You’re looking forward to enjoying the warm comfortable breeze without the bugs and insects. A screened room or a screened in porch is the best structure for you to enjoy the summer with your family. 

A screened room is part of your exterior space, but still you’re inside your home. It’s like having the best of both worlds. It keeps you out of the rain and you get to limit the amount of sun you let in. Your children and pets will enjoy the warmth and fun of the exterior within the safety of your home. 

Additions, Garage Building, & Sliding Door Installation

garage with faux stone on walls and exterior lights


Growing families require more living space. Period. But purchasing a larger home is out of the question for many in these financially trying times. Remodeling your entire home may be another option to rethink your entire living space. However, an addition to your existing home may be a great choice to meet your current need and increase your property value. 

Add just one room and that will meet a particular purpose. Or you can have an entirely new section added with several rooms, bathrooms, or a game area. There are various reasons people do this. For some, it is for additional income like an Airbnb rental. Others may want to build a separate living space that can be rented as an apartment. Whatever your purpose, additions can be a great benefit with minimal investment. 

Garage Building and renovation

Constructing a new garage or doing a renovation to your existing structure will have an impact on your daily life. Within the regulations of your city or town, you will have lots of freedom to design your garage. 

Make sure to identify your needs for a garage. You may want it to be attached with a direct entry to the home. The construction can be directly on the asphalt or with a new foundation. Decide if it should be a one or two car garage and if you wish to have storage built into the structure. 

Sliding installation and repair

If you want to enjoy various functional advantages that swinging doors don’t offer, then a sliding door installation is for you. They save space and create a better flow and connection between your indoors and outdoors. If they don’t operate correctly, they can be a headache - but the same goes for hinged doors as well. 

Sliding door installation comes in several materials like glass, wood, vinyl and even metal. You can also have the benefit of having a sliding screen door installed to keep the bugs out. When there are problems with these doors, they can easily be repaired, and you can go on and enjoy the benefits of this door for a long time to come. 

Sheds, Garden Rooms, and Pergolas

cedar pergola custom built and stained installation

Sheds and Garden Rooms

Extending the home - outside in your backyard is the name of the game. You can have a shed or a garden room built just for your purpose, the way you always wanted. You can have one that is built in a factory and installed in your backyard. This won’t cause much disruptions to the home as a traditional remodel would, but you won’t have much flexibility. 

But you can have more options when you have one built from ground up. One design won’t fit everyone’s purpose. There are a great number of options for windows, doors, roofs, and interior settings. For some people, it is a small room addition, but just out in the backyard. 

For others, they want just a shed to store garden supplies and tools. Some even use it to store things you don’t want to keep in the house. Whatever your need is, you can have your very own shed or garden room just the way you like it. 


When you want to entertain guests for a barbeque or dinner, a beautiful Pergola can be a fantastic addition to your home. The weekend with your family or an evening to enjoy the warm spring and summer vacation is best with a Pergola. Custom cedar pergolas can add additional curb appeal and longevity. 

You choose the atmosphere you want to create with a Pergola. The size depends on your purpose. If you expect a lot of guests from the office or neighborhood, you’ll want one that is large enough. This will be a worthwhile investment that will last for decades, not to mention all the fun you add to your family time. 

Fencing Installation and Replacement

Your installation of the fence around your property has a purpose. You may want increased security, privacy, or you just want to have a particular look. The type of fence you choose depends on your purpose. Has your purpose changed? If so, you need to upgrade to a fence that serves your purpose. 

There is no limit to the variety of fences, so you can choose according to your purpose and the style you want to present for your home. Of course, you want security and privacy as most homeowners want these for their residences, but you also want to be creative and expressive of who you are.

Fencing options you can choose from:

Aluminum Fencing

This is possibly the most basic and attractive of the fencing types available. It’s not great on security, but it is practically maintenance free and can have the look similar to other types of fencing.  

Wood Fencing

Across the country, this is the most popular type of fencing material. With height, it can give lots of privacy and has an attractive look. It also has a warm and welcoming feel.  

PVC Fencing

There is no doubt that this is the cheapest way to fence your property. Although they are not strong, they can serve your purpose well. They are great in all types of weather and can last you for a long time.  

Wrought Iron Fencing

These fences are strong and have a beauty that is unique. But it takes constant upkeep every two or three years. The initial cost of installation is not cheap, and you will have to spend money regularly to keep it up as well.  

Vinyl Fencing

This type of fencing option may be five times stronger than wood fences and four times more flexible. Vinyl is maintenance free and all you need is some soap to make it look brand new.  

Chain Link Fencing

This option won’t give you any privacy but they’re great for other functions. They are less expensive and require very little maintenance. Chain link fencing can be a cost effective way to security and peace of mind.  

framed up basement with 2x4 lumber

Water Damage Restoration

Home Restoration

One of the devastating factors of severe weather is the property damage on homes, although water damage can be mitigated with some precautionary measures there is always the unknown that can happen. Home is where we live and experience the community that is dearest to us. When this place gets damaged, it can be stressful and disheartening. The emotional drain can really take a toll. You need to get your home back to the pre-loss condition. The problems caused by water and wind damage should be repaired by professionals that can handle the task properly. If the work is done improperly, it can cause further losses in the future.

First Steps

When your home is hit with water damage, the first step is to remove standing water using squeegees or a wet/dry vacuum. Move all wet furniture out to get them dry quickly. Fans are a great way to speed up the drying process. According to the season, turn up the heat or the air conditioning to get the moisture out quickly. Excess moisture will quickly attract mold and cause other structural damage that can be costly.

Professional Help

Rohrer for Construction will restore your home to the condition that it was before the damage. You’re dealing with various issues such as microbial growth, and wood damage to water retention. Anywhere from one hour to one day is all it takes to cause severe damage to your home.

Storm and hail damage will require temporary tarps and boarding up of broken windows during the repair process. If the roof has been damaged, it will require a replacement, especially when a tree has fallen. In which case, the home needs to be checked for further structural damage as well. If only the shingles have come off, only repair work may be needed.


Interior Restoration

vent pipe in a room that has demolished flooring

Interior Restoration

The basic process of inspection and drying is only the beginning. In some cases, when the damage is severe, you may need to leave your house for some time till the restoration is completed. This is to ensure you’re not exposed to any harmful or hazardous substances due to the damage. After all the water is removed, use dehumidifiers to get rid of any moisture left in the walls and other parts of the home. If there is damage in your carpets, kitchen, walls, be ensured that all the damage can be corrected and your home restored to the previous condition. But depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to vacate your home for up to one month. If there is structural damage, the time could be a bit more, depending on the severity of the damage.


Storms and floods can do quite a bit of damage to the plumbing system of your home. The pipes within and outside the home need to be inspected for damage. The sewage can potentially get backed up in the shower, under the toilet, or other areas of your home. What’s worse is when the main sewer line is clogged or cracked. These are deep internal issues that need professional attention.


Strong winds can pry off some shingles from your roof and cause leaking into your home. If the winds are violent or if a tree falls on the roof, of course, you looking at more serious damage to the roof. For the short term, a temporary solution to cover the exposed area of the roof can prevent further water from coming into the home, but you’ve got to move quickly for repairs or move out till the repair work is completed.


During storms and flooding, electrical problems can cause severe consequences. So it’s vital that appliances are unplugged from their source of power during extreme and damaging weather. Be cautious about frayed wires and look out for sparks. In case of structural damage, you can have wires exposed, causing further danger. If you can locate the main power switch for your home, it’s best to keep it off till you get professional help. It’s also a good idea to keep away from metal fences as they could carry electricity from fallen utility wires.

Vital Thoughts on Restoration

Your home is your abode and your place of rest. But severe weather and other natural calamities can be a problem. In such situations, the danger is more clear and severe. This is where caution is needed and you need to avoid doing things yourself. Make sure to call a professional contractor who can handle such tasks. You don’t want to put your family in danger. With a professional touch, you can get your home back to the previous condition, or even better. Water and wind damage carry various risks, but if you’re alert and cautious, you can be safe and get things back to normal.

Common Types of Severe Weather


clouds raining graphic

 Flooding is the top killer in nationwide severe weather conditions. Although floods can take hours to days to develop, the most dangerous type is flash floods. These can wipe out everything and everyone in their path. When floodwaters remain high for days, this can cause severe property damage to homes in the area.


clouds with lightening graphic

 Thunderstorms can build up to a tornado force with damaging winds, lightning, and even hail with heavy winds. For Illinois, these forceful thunderstorms frequently occur in the late afternoon or evening. Such severe weather causes severe property damage all over the state.


clouds with lightening graphic

  Tornadoes produce a violent, rotating column of air that reaches all the way to the ground. They can potentially be up to a mile wide and 50 miles long. The most severe tornadoes can have winds up to 318 mph.

white kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator and kitchen sink faucet

Additional Services

Trim, Molding, and Millwork

How you design each of your rooms and coordinate colors depends on your taste as your home is an expression of who you are. Equally important is to choose the right trim and molding for your home. Would you like an elegant look or a simple and toned down look? Your choice of trim will make that difference. 

Such a major impact on the image of the room simply by the selection of the trim is significant. This is due to the skill of craftsmen with a passion for innovation and design. When you select high-quality and finely crafted elements for your rooms, you change the complete image of your home. 

Make a careful selection of your trim and moulding with the help of professionals to give your home the image you wish to create. Decide whether you want the look to be colonial, contemporary, craftsman, modern, or even a traditional style. If you wish, you can have custom millwork done to suit your personal taste that might be different from the common styles. If you choose custom millwork, the expense will be higher, but it will give you the satisfaction that your home is special and built to your personal taste. 

Painting, Cabinet/Door/Window Installation and Repairs

built in shelves in cabinetry, baseboard and door casing installation located in the basement.

Interior and exterior painting and staining

Before you go for a complete remodel, consider a fresh coat of paint for your interior and exterior. With a choice of unique designs and a wide spectrum of colors, you can be innovative with your home. Imagine being able to revamp your entire home as you get rid of those old faded colors. 

The exterior of your home will have that welcoming feel as you repaint it looking to make it vibrant for years to come. The sun, rain, snow, and other elements have been beating down hard with the change of each season. It’s the exterior paint that deals with all the extreme elements without any break. So make sure to select paint that is of excellent quality and get it done by experts who’ll do it well. 

Your deck is also exposed to the weather, bearing the rain, moisture, dry wind, hot sunshine, and even the freeze of the winter. Such a beating is a sure cause of wood rot, and warp, not to mention the discoloration. In such cases, your deck needs a professional wood stain job to reverse the effects of what it has suffered. A well maintained deck will be a welcome area for your family to gather this summer. 

Cabinet installation and replacement

The key is to inject freshness and new life into your home design. Begin with your cabinets by imagining how they would look if you finally got around to those things that you just couldn’t get to. Like those peeling laminates that need to be fixed, or a new set of cabinets you’ve always wanted.


If replacing your cabinets is out of your budget at this time, they can be repaired at a reasonable cost. They can also be refaced to give it a new look and a new life. Just replace the doors, knobs, and hinges if needed. This will entirely revive your kitchen. 

Of course, the best option is to install new cabinets. Whether you’re replacing kitchen appliances or not, new cabinets will give your kitchen a new feel. You’ll be able to set them according to your taste. The arrangements can be done in a way that is most useful and according to your usage, making it a truly functional kitchen. 

Door installation and replacement

Constant opening, shutting, touching, and pulling, are some of the things doors go through, not to mention the “slamming” of doors. These doors get lots of wear and tear throughout their life. If your home is older and the style of the door is apt for the age of the home, you may not want to replace the doors. A good repair work will do the job. 

But many want to have a completely fresh look with new doors. These give a tremendous lift to the feel of the home. Get doors that match the style of your home, and make sure you update the trim and molding as well. Make sure you get it done properly. If they are not installed properly, your heating and cooling costs could go up, and can look awkward as well. 

Window installation and replacement

Getting new windows not only makes your home look great, it will save you on heating and cooling costs. Older windows will eventually leak out the air from within your home and the draft will surely drain your utilities. You also have the benefit of increased property value with new windows. 

As you do this window replacement, you can also opt for several other possibilities that will enhance the living condition of your home. You can install skylights and save more on lighting costs, and they give you a fresh natural look to the room. Other types to consider are: Casement windows, picture windows, insulated windows, egress windows, or bay windows. Any of these will enhance the look of your home, and it will be worth the investment.

Energy Audits & Safe/Hidden Rooms

fresh energy Grayslake Illinois

Energy Audits

As we are nearing the summer months, an energy audit may be a necessity for you. When you get an energy audit done on your home, the energy efficiency of the entire house is evaluated by the use of professional equipment. The aim is to find the best methods to improve the energy efficiency of the home. Often, you will save money on heating and cooling along with lighting costs in the future. For both the summer and winter months, this will come in handy for you.

Safe/Hidden Rooms


A secret door can be a great option to hide your safe where you keep your most valuable items. If you’re leaving for vacation or just for a weekend, your valuables can be in danger if they are exposed - even if you keep them in a safe. A secret door into a hidden room may be a great way to conceal important possessions. 

Such rooms not only provide safety but convenience and beauty as well. You can secure other valuables such as Jewelry and watches, currency and precious metals, important documents, gun collection, art collection, or even a rare wine collection. 

All of the above are all custom carpentry services that will greatly enhance your home and the value of your property. The costs involved are only a fraction of the benefits you will enjoy as you use your home. 

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